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Roget category 833

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.1. Passive affections

#833. Regret


regret, repininghomesickness, nostalgiamal du pays, maladie [Fr.]lamentation etc. 839penitence etc. 950.
bitterness, heartburning.
recrimination (accusation) 938.
laudator temporis acti [Lat.] etc. (discontent) 832.


regret, deplorebewail etc. (lament) 839 repine, cast a longing lingering look behindrue, rue the dayrepent etc. 950infandum renovare dolorem [Lat.].
prey on the mind, weigh on the mind, have a weight on the mindleave an aching void.


regretting etc. v. — regretfulhomesick.
regretted etc. v. — much to be regretted, regrettablelamentable etc. (bad) 649.


regrettably, unfortunatelymost unfortunately.


alas!what a pity!, hang it!,


'tis pity [Contr.], 'tis too true [Contr.]sigh'd and look'd and sigh'd again" [Dryden]; I'm sorry.

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