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1 savage

A member of an uncivilized people.

synonym: barbarian.

Roget 876: commonalty, democracy; obscurity; low condition, low life, low society, low company; bourgeoisie; mass of the people, mass of society; Brown Jones and Robinson; lower classes, humbler classes, ... show more

Roget 913: evil doer, evil worker; wrongdoer etc. 949; mischief-maker, marplot; oppressor, tyrant; destroyer, Vandal; iconoclast.    firebrand, incendiary, ... show more

Dutch: barbaar, kannibaal, natuurmens, wilde
Polish: dzikus, dziecko natury, dziki, dzikolud, barbarzyƄca

2 savage

A cruelly rapacious person.

synonyms: beast, brute, wildcat, wolf.

Dutch: beest, dier, wild dier
Polish: brutal


1 savage

Attack brutally and fiercely.

2 savage

Criticize harshly or violently:
— The press savaged the new President.

synonyms: blast, crucify, pillory.

Dutch: afbreken, afgeven, afkammen, afkraken, afzeiken, kraken, neerhalen, veroordelen


1 savage

of persons or their actions Able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering:
— A savage slap.

synonyms: barbarous, brutal, cruel, fell, roughshod, vicious.

Roget 907: malevolent, unbenevolent; unbenign; ill-disposed, ill-intentioned, ill-natured, ill-conditioned, ill-contrived; evil-minded, evil-disposed; black-browed.    malicious; malign, ... show more

Polish: okrutny

2 savage

Wild and menacing.

synonyms: feral, ferine.

3 savage

Without civilizing influences:
— A savage people.

synonyms: barbarian, barbaric, uncivilised, uncivilized, wild.

Roget 851: in bad taste vulgar, unrefined.    coarse, indecorous, ribald, gross; unseemly, unbeseeming, unpresentable; contra bonos mores [Lat.]; ungraceful etc. (ugly) 846.    ... show more

Polish: barbarzyƄski, niecywilizowany, nieucywilizowany

4 savage

Marked by extreme and violent energy.

synonyms: ferocious, fierce, furious.

Roget 861: courageous, brave; valiant, valorous; gallant, intrepid; spirited, spiritful; high-spirited, high-mettled; mettlesome, plucky; manly, manful; ... show more

Roget 900: angry, wrath, irate; ireful, wrathful; cross etc. (irascible) 901; Achillean; sulky, etc. 901.1; bitter, ... show more

Roget 173: violent, vehement; warm; acute, sharp; rough, rude, ungentle, bluff, boisterous, wild; brusque, abrupt, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Draconian, Goth, Gothic, Mafioso, Neanderthal, Tartarean, Young Turk, abrade, abuse, afflict, aggressive, aggrieve, agonize, animal, antagonistic, anthropophagite, anthropophagous, assault, atrocious, attack ... show more.

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