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1 welcome

The state of being welcome.

Roget 292: arrival, advent; landing; debarkation, disembarkation; reception, welcome, vin d'honneur [Fr.].    home, goal, goalpost; landing place, landing stage; bunder; ... show more

Roget 892: sociality, sociability, sociableness etc. adj.; social intercourse; consociation; intercourse, intercommunity; consortship, companionship, comradeship; clubbism; ... show more

Roget 894: courtesy; respect etc. 928; good manners, good behavior, good breeding; manners; politeness etc. adj.; bienseance, urbanity, ... show more

Dutch: verwelkomen

2 welcome

A greeting or reception.

Dutch: begroeting, onthaal, ontvangst, verwelkoming, welkom
Polish: powitanie


1 welcome

Accept gladly.

2 welcome

Bid welcome to; greet upon arrival.

synonym: receive.

Roget 892: be sociable etc. adj.; know; be acquainted etc. adj.; associate with, sort with, keep company with, walk hand in hand with; eat off the same trencher, club together, consort, ... show more

Roget 894: be courteous etc. adj.; show courtesy etc. n.. mind one's P's and Q's, behave oneself, be all things to all men, conciliate, speak one fair, take in good part; make the amiable, do the amiable; ... show more

Dutch: begroeten

3 welcome

Receive someone, as into one's house.

Dutch: inhalen, onthalen, ontvangen, opvangen, recipiƫren, verwelkomen


1 welcome

Giving pleasure or satisfaction or received with pleasure or freely granted.

Roget 829: causing pleasure etc. v.; laetificant; pleasure-giving, pleasing, pleasant, pleasurable; agreeable; grateful, gratifying; leef, lief, acceptable; ... show more

Roget 888: friendly; amicable, amical; well-affected, unhostile, neighborly, brotherly, fraternal, sympathetic, harmonious, hearty, cordial, warm-hearted.    friends with, ... show more

Roget 892: sociable, companionable, clubbable, conversable, cosy, cosey, chatty, conversational; homiletical.    convivial; festive, festal; jovial, jolly, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: abide by, accede, accept, acceptable, acceptance, accession, acclaim, accueil, acquiesce, acquiesce in, acquiescence, acquire, affable, agree, agree to, agree with, agreeable, agreement, agreement in principle, amiable ... show more.

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