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1 satisfactory

Giving satisfaction.

Roget 648: harmless, hurtless; unobnoxious, innocuous, innocent, inoffensive.    beneficial, valuable, of value; serviceable etc. (useful) 644; advantageous, ... show more

Roget 639: sufficient, enough, adequate, up to the mark, commensurate, competent, satisfactory, valid, tangible.    measured; moderate etc. (temperate) ... show more

Roget 484: believing etc. v.; certain, sure, assured, positive, cocksure, satisfied, confident, unhesitating, convinced, secure.    ... show more

Roget 973: remunerative, remuneratory; munerary, compensatory, retributive, reparatory; rewarding; satisfactory.   

Polish: zadowalajÄ…cy

2 satisfactory

Meeting requirements:
— The step makes a satisfactory seat.

synonyms: acceptable, decent.

Roget 829: causing pleasure etc. v.; laetificant; pleasure-giving, pleasing, pleasant, pleasurable; agreeable; grateful, gratifying; leef, lief, acceptable; ... show more

Roget 831: content, contented; satisfied etc. v.; at ease, at one's ease, at home; with the mind at ease, sans souci [Fr.], sine cura [Lat.], easygoing, not particular; conciliatory; ... show more

Moby thesaurus: OK, absolute, acceptable, adequate, admissible, all right, ample, assuring, authoritative, barely sufficient, better than nothing, cogent, comfortable, commensurate, competent, conclusive, convictional, convincing, corresponding, decent ... show more.

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