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Roget category 981

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.5. Religious affections
›› 6.5.1. Superhuman beings and regions

#981. Heaven


heavenkingdom of heaven, kingdom of Godheavenly kingdomthrone of Godpresence of Godinheritance of the saints in light.
Paradise, Eden, Zion, abode of the blessedcelestial bliss, glory.
[Mythological heaven] OlympusElysium (paradise), Elysian fields, Arcadia, bowers of bliss, garden of the Hesperides, third heaven Valhalla, Walhalla (Scandinavian); Nirvana (Buddhist); happy hunting groundsAlfardaws, AssamaFalak al aflak [Ar.] the highest heaven" (Mohammedan). future state, eternal home, eternal reward.
resurrection, translationresuscitation etc. 660.
apotheosis, deification.


heavenly, celestial, supernal, unearthly, from on high, paradisiacal, beatific, elysian.


looks through nature up to the nature's god" [Pope]; the great world's altarstairs, that slope through the great world's altarstairs, that slope through darkness up to God" [Tennyson]; the treasury of everlasting joy" [Henry VI]; vigeur de dessus [Fr.].

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