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1 salutation

An act of honor or courteous recognition.

synonym: salute.

Roget 586: allocution, alloquy, address; speech etc. 582; apostrophe, interpellation, appeal, invocation, salutation; word in the ear.    [Feigned dialogue] ... show more

2 salutation

usually plural An acknowledgment or expression of good will (especially on meeting).

synonym: greeting.

Dutch: begroeting, groet
Polish: pozdrowienia

3 salutation

Word of greeting used to begin a letter.

Moby thesaurus: accost, address, bend, bending the knee, bob, bow, bowing and scraping, citation, curtsy, dipping the colors, embrace, eulogy, genuflection, greeting, hail, hand-clasp, handshake, hello, homage, how-do-you-do ... show more.

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