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drop in


1 drop in

Visit informally and spontaneously.

synonyms: come by, drop by.

Roget 292: arrive; get to, come to; come; reach, attain; come up with, come up to; overtake, make, fetch; complete etc. 729; ... show more

Roget 892: be sociable etc. adj.; know; be acquainted etc. adj.; associate with, sort with, keep company with, walk hand in hand with; eat off the same trencher, club together, consort, ... show more

Roget 300: insert; introduce, intromit; put into, run into; import; inject; interject etc. 298; infuse, instill, inoculate, impregnate, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: admit, barge in, be admitted, break in, breeze in, burst in, bust in, call, call on, call upon, come barging in, come breezing in, come busting in, come by, come in, come over, creep in, cross the threshold, crowd in, edge in ... show more.

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