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1 delectable

Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste.

synonyms: delicious, luscious, pleasant-tasting, scrumptious, toothsome, yummy.

Roget 829: causing pleasure etc. v.; laetificant; pleasure-giving, pleasing, pleasant, pleasurable; agreeable; grateful, gratifying; leef, lief, acceptable; ... show more

Roget 394: savory, delicious, tasty, well-tasted, to one's taste, good, palatable, nice, dainty, delectable; toothful, toothsome; gustful, appetizing, ... show more

Polish: pyszny

2 delectable

Capable of arousing sexual desire:
— The delectable Miss Haynes.

synonym: sexually attractive.

Moby thesaurus: adorable, agreeable, ambrosial, choice, dainty, darling, delicate, delicious, delightful, exquisite, flavorsome, good, good to eat, good-tasting, gustable, gusty, heavenly, juicy, likable, luscious ... show more.

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