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Roget category 879

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.5. Extrinsic affections

#879. Humility


humility, humblenessmeekness, lownesslowliness, lowlihoodabasement, self-abasementsubmission etc. 725resignation.
condescensionaffability etc. (courtesy) 894.
modesty etc. 881verecundity, blush, suffusion, confusionsense of shame, sense of disgracehumiliation, mortificationlet down, set down.


be humble etc. adj. — deign, vouchsafe, condescendhumble oneself, demean oneselfstoop, stoop to conquercarry coalssubmit etc. 725submit with a good grace etc. (brook) 826 yield the palm.
lower one's tone, lower one's notesing small, draw in one's horns, sober downhide one's face, hide one's diminished headnot dare to show one's face, take shame to oneself, not have a word to say for oneselffeel shame, be conscious of shame, feel disgrace, be conscious of disgracedrink the cup of humiliation to the dregs.
blush for, blush up to the evesredden, change colorcolor uphang one's head, look foolish, feel small.
render humblehumble, humiliatelet down, set down, take down, tread down, frown downsnub, abash, abase, make one sing small, strike dumbteach one his distanceput down, take down a peg, take down a peg lowerthrow into the shade, cast into the shade etc. 874stare out of countenance, put out of countenanceput to the blush confuse, ashame, mortify, disgrace, crushsend away with a flea in one's ear.
get a setdown.


humble, lowly, meekmodest etc. 881humble minded, sober-mindedunoffendedsubmissive etc. 725servile, etc. 886.
condescendingaffable etc. (courteous) 891.
humbled etc. v. — bowed down, resignedabashed, ashamed, dashedout of countenancedown in the mouthdown on one's knees, down on one's marrowbones, down on one's uppershumbled in the dust, browbeatenchapfallen, crestfallendumfoundered.
shorn of one's glory etc. (disrepute) 874.


with downcast eyes, with bated breath, with bended kneeon all fours, on one's feet.
under correction, with due deference.


I am your obedient servant, I am your very humble servantmy service to youda locum melioribus [Lat.] [Terence]; parvum parva decent [Lat.] [Horace].

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