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1 greet

Express greetings upon meeting someone.

synonyms: recognise, recognize.

Roget 894: be courteous etc. adj.; show courtesy etc. n.. mind one's P's and Q's, behave oneself, be all things to all men, conciliate, speak one fair, take in good part; make the amiable, do the amiable; ... show more

Roget 839: lament, mourn, deplore, grieve, weep over; bewail, bemoan; condole with etc. 915; fret etc. (suffer) 828; ... show more

Dutch: tegemoet komen, ontvangen, begroeten, groeten

2 greet

Send greetings to.

3 greet

React to in a certain way.

4 greet

Be perceived by.

Moby thesaurus: accost, address, apostrophize, appeal to, approach, bawl, bespeak, bid good day, bid good morning, blubber, boohoo, bow to, break down, burst into tears, buttonhole, call to, cry, curtsy, dissolve in tears, drop a tear ... show more.

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