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Roget category 836

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.1. Passive affections

#836. Cheerfulness


cheerfulness etc. adj. — geniality, gayety, l'allegro [Fr.], cheer, good humor, spiritshigh spirits, animal spirits, flow of spiritsglee, high glee, light heartsunshine of the mind, sunshine of the breastgaiete de coeur [Fr.], bon naturel [Fr.].
liveliness etc. adj. — life, alacrity, vivacity, animation, allegressejocundity, joviality, jollitylevityjocularity etc. (wit) 842.
mirth, merriment, hilarity, exhilarationlaughter etc. 838merrymaking etc. (amusement) 840heyday, rejoicing etc. 838marriage bell.
nepenthe, Euphrosyne, sweet forgetfulness.
optimism etc. (hopefulness) 858self complacencyhedonics, hedonism.


be cheerful etc. adj. — have the mind at ease, smile, put a good face upon, keep up one's spiritsview the bright side of the picture, view things en couleur de rose [Fr.]ridentem dicere virum [Lat.], cheer up, brighten up, light up, bear upchirp, take heart, cast away care, drive dull care away, perk up.
keep a stiff upper lip.
rejoice etc. 838carol, chirrup, liltfrisk, rollick, give a loose to mirth.
cheer, enliven, elate, exhilarate, gladden, inspirit, animate, raise the spirits, inspireperk upput in good humorcheer the heart, rejoice the heartdelight etc. (give pleasure) 829.


cheerfulhappy etc. 827cheery, cheerlyof good cheer, smilingblithein spirits, in good spiritsbreezy, bully, chipper [U.S.]in high spirits, in high featherhappy as the day is long, happy as a kinggay as a larkallegrodebonairlight, lightsome, light heartedbuoyant, debonnaire, bright, free and easy, airyjanty, jaunty, cantyhedonicriantsprightly, sprightfulspryspirited, spiritfullively, animated, vivaciousbrisk as a beesparkling, sportivefull of play, full of spiritall alive.
sunny, palmyhopeful etc. 858.
merry as a cricket, merry as a grig, merry as a marriage belljoyful, joyous, jocund, jovialjolly as a thrush, jolly as a sandboyblithesomegleeful, gleesomehilarious, rattling.
winsome, bonny, hearty, buxom.
playful, playsomefolatre [Fr.], playful as a kitten, tricksy, frisky, frolicsomegamesomejocose, jocular, waggishmirth loving, laughter-lovingmirthful, rollicking.
elate, elatedexulting, jubilant, flushedrejoicing etc. 838cock-a-hoop.
cheering, inspiriting, exhilaratingcardiac, cardiacalpleasing etc. 829palmy.


cheerfully etc. adj..


never say die!, come!, cheer up!, hurrah!, etc. 838hence loathed melancholy!," begone dull care!, away with melancholy!,


a merry heart goes all the day" [A winter's Tale]; as merry as the day is long" [Much Ado]; ride si sapis [Lat.] [Martial].

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