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1 recognize

Accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority:
— We do not recognize your gods.

synonyms: acknowledge, know, recognise.

Roget 760: permit; give permission etc. n., give power; let, allow, admit; suffer, bear with, tolerate, recognize; concede etc. ... show more

Roget 505: remember, mind; retain the memory of, retain the remembrance of; keep in view.    recognize, recollect, bethink oneself, recall, call up, retrace; look back, trace back, ... show more

Roget 488: assent; give assent, yield assent, nod assent; acquiesce; agree etc. 23; receive, accept, accede, accord, concur, lend oneself to, ... show more

Roget 465b: identify, recognize, match, match up; classify; recall, remember etc. (memory) 505; find similarity (similarity) 17; put in its proper place, ... show more

Roget 457: be attentive etc. adj.; attend, advert to, observe, look, see, view, remark, notice, regard, take notice, ... show more

Dutch: erkennen

2 recognize

Be fully aware or cognizant of.

synonyms: agnise, agnize, realise, realize, recognise.

3 recognize

Detect with the senses.

synonyms: discern, distinguish, make out, pick out, recognise, spot, tell apart.

Roget 441: see, behold, discern, perceive, have in sight, descry, sight, make out, discover, distinguish, recognize, spy, espy, ken [Scot.]; ... show more

Roget 490: know, ken [Scot.], scan, wot; wot aware, be aware of etc. adj.; ween, weet, trow, have, possess.    conceive; ... show more

Roget 480a: discover, find, determine, evolve, learn etc. 539; fix upon; pick up; find out, trace out, make out, hunt out, fish out, ... show more

Roget 465: discriminate, distinguish, severalize; recognize, match, identify; separate; draw the line, sift; separate the chaff from the wheat, winnow the chaff from the wheat; separate the men from the boys; split hairs, draw a fine line, ... show more

Dutch: onderkennen, onderscheiden

4 recognize

Perceive to be the same.

synonym: recognise.

Dutch: herkennen

5 recognize

Grant credentials to:
— The Regents officially recognized the new educational institution.
— Recognize an academic degree.

synonyms: accredit, recognise.

Dutch: accrediteren

6 recognize

Express greetings upon meeting someone.

synonyms: greet, recognise.

Dutch: tegemoet komen, ontvangen, begroeten, groeten

7 recognize

Express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for.

synonyms: acknowledge, recognise.

8 recognize

Exhibit recognition for (an antigen or a substrate).

9 recognize

Show approval or appreciation of:
— My work is not recognized by anybody!.
— The best student was recognized by the Dean.

synonym: recognise.

Moby thesaurus: accept, acknowledge, admit, agree, agree provisionally, allow, appreciate, apprehend, approve, assent grudgingly, avow, be acquainted with, be apprised of, be aware of, be cognizant of, be conscious of, be conversant with, be informed, behold, bless ... show more.

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