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abide by


1 abide by

Act in accordance with someone's rules, commands, or wishes:
— Abide by the rules.

synonyms: comply, follow.

Roget 488: assent; give assent, yield assent, nod assent; acquiesce; agree etc. 23; receive, accept, accede, accord, concur, lend oneself to, ... show more

Dutch: berusten, eerbiedigen, gehoorzamen, luisteren, respecteren, voldoen, zich neerleggen bij, zich schikken naar

2 abide by

Show respect towards.

synonyms: honor, honour, observe, respect.

Roget 772: observe, comply with, respect, acknowledge, abide by; cling to, adhere to, be faithful to, act up to; meet, fulfill; carry out, carry into execution; execute, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: accede, accept, acclaim, acquiesce, acquiesce in, act up to, adhere to, agree, agree to, agree with, applaud, assent, attend to, be faithful to, buy, cheer, comply, comply with, conform to, consent ... show more.

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