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Roget category 588

4. Words relating to the intellectual faculties
4.10. Means of communicating ideas
›› 4.10.2. Conventional means

#588. Conversation


conversation, interlocutioncollocution, colloquy, converse, confabulation, talk, discourse, verbal intercourseoral communication, commercedialogue, duologue, trialogue.
causerie, chat, chitchatsmall talk, table talk, teatable talk, town talk, village talk, idle talktattle, gossip, tittle-tattlebabble, babblementtripotage, cackle, prittle-prattle, cancan, on dit [Fr.]talk of the town, talk of the village.
conference, parley, interview, audience, pourparlertete-a-tetereception, conversazione [It]congress etc. (council) 696powwow [U.S.].
hall of audience, durbar.
palaver, debate, logomachy, war of words.
gossip, tattlerPaul Prytabbychatterer etc. (loquacity) 584interlocutor etc. (spokesman) 582conversationist, dialogist.
the feast of reason and the flow of soul" [Pope]; mollia tempora fandi [Lat.].


talk together, converse, confabulatehold on a conversation, carry on a conversation, join in a conversation, engage in a conversationput in a wordshine in conversationbandy wordsparleypalaverchat, gossip, tattle prate etc. (loquacity) 584powwow [U.S.].
discourse with, confer with, commune with, commerce withhold converse, hold conference, hold intercoursetalk it overbe closeted withtalk with one in private, tete-a-tete.


conversing etc. v. — interlocutoryconversational, conversablediscursive, discoursivechatty etc. (sociable) 892colloquial.


with thee conversing I forget all time" [Paradise Lost].

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