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1 liberality

An inclination to favor progress and individual freedom.

synonym: liberalness.

Roget 784: giving etc. v.; bestowal, bestowment, donation; presentation, presentment; accordance; concession; delivery, consignment, dispensation, communication, ... show more

Roget 942: disinterestedness etc. adj.; generosity; liberality, liberalism; altruism; benevolence etc. 906; elevation, loftiness of purpose, exaltation, ... show more

Roget 816: liberality, generosity, munificence; bounty, bounteousness, bountifulness; hospitality; charity etc. (beneficence) 906.   

Polish: liberalizm

2 liberality

The trait of being generous in behavior and temperament.

synonym: liberalness.

Polish: liberalność

Moby thesaurus: Trinkgeld, abundance, accommodation, accordance, affluence, amiability, ample sufficiency, ampleness, amplitude, avalanche, award, awarding, bestowal, bestowment, bigheartedness, bigness, bonanza, bonhomie, bonus, bountifulness ... show more.

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