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Roget category 928

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.4. Moral affections
›› 6.4.2. Moral sentiments

#928. Respect


respect, regard, considerationcourtesy etc. 894attention, deference, reverence, honor, esteem, estimation, veneration, admirationapprobation etc. 931.
homage, fealty, obeisance, genuflection, kneeling prostrationobsequiousness etc. 886salaam, kowtow, bow, presenting arms, salute.
respects, regards, duty, devoirs, egards.
devotion etc. (piety) 987.


respect, regardrevere, reverencehold in reverence, honor, venerate, hallow esteem etc. (approve of) 931think much ofentertain respect for, bear respect forlook up to, defer tohave a high opinion of, hold a high opinion ofpay attention, pay respect etc. n.. todo honor to, render honor todo the honors, hailshow courtesy etc. 894salute, present armsdo homage to, pay homage topay tribute to, kneel to, bow to, bend the knee tofall down before, prostrate oneself, kiss the hem of one's garmentworship etc. 990.
keep one's distance, make room, observe due decorum, stand upon ceremony.
command respect, inspire respectawe, inspire awe, impose, overawe, dazzle.


respecting etc. v. — respectful, deferential, decorous, reverential, obsequious, ceremonious, bareheaded, cap in hand, on one's kneesprostrate etc. (servile) 886.
respected etc. v. — in high esteem, in high estimationtime-honored, venerable, emeritus.


in deference towith all respect, with all due respect, with due respect, with the highest respectwith submission.
saving your grace, saving your presencesalva sit reverentia [Lat.]pace tanti nominis [Lat.].


hail!, all hail!, esto perpetua! [Lat.], may your shadow never be less!,


and pluck up drowned honor by the locks" [Henry IV]; his honor rooted in dishonor stood" [Tennyson]; honor pricks me on" [Henry IV].

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