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1 social

A party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity.

synonyms: mixer, sociable.


1 social

Relating to human society and its members:
— Social institutions.
— Social legislation.

synonym: societal.

Roget 892: sociable, companionable, clubbable, conversable, cosy, cosey, chatty, conversational; homiletical.    convivial; festive, festal; jovial, jolly, ... show more

Roget 372: human, mortal, personal, individual, national, civic, public, social; cosmopolitan; anthropoid.   

Polish: społeczny, społeczeński

2 social

Living together or enjoying life in communities or organized groups.

3 social

Relating to or belonging to or characteristic of high society.

4 social

Composed of sociable people or formed for the purpose of sociability.

Polish: społecznościowy

5 social

Tending to move or live together in groups or colonies of the same kind.

6 social

Marked by friendly companionship with others.

Polish: sympatyczny

Moby thesaurus: affable, affair, amiable, amusing, associated, associational, at home, civic, civil, clubbable, clubbish, clubby, coalitional, collective, collectivistic, common, communal, communicative, communistic, community ... show more.

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