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1 acquiescence

Acceptance without protest.

Roget 772: observance, performance, compliance, acquiescence, concurrence; obedience etc. 743; fulfillment, satisfaction, discharge; acquittance, acquittal.    adhesion, ... show more

2 acquiescence

Agreement with a statement or proposal to do something:
— A murmur of acquiescence from the assembly.

synonym: assent.

Roget 488: assent, assentment; acquiescence, admission; nod; accord, concord, concordance; agreement etc. 23; affirmance, affirmation; recognition, ... show more

Roget 762: consent; assent etc. 488; acquiescence; approval etc. 931; compliance, agreement, concession; yieldance, yieldingness; accession, ... show more

Dutch: akkoord gaan, bereid verklaren, goedkeuren, goedkeuring, instemmen, instemming, jawoord
Polish: placet

Moby thesaurus: OK, Quakerism, acceptance, acceptation, acception, accession, accommodation, accord, accordance, adaptation, adaption, adjustment, affirmation, affirmative, affirmative voice, agreeability, agreeableness, agreement, agreement in principle, alacrity ... show more.

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