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1 honeyed

With honey added.

synonyms: honied, syrupy.

Roget 933: flattering etc. v.; adulatory; mealy-mouthed, honey-mouthed; honeyed; smooth, smooth-tongued; soapy, oily, unctuous, blandiloquent, specious; ... show more

2 honeyed

Pleasing to the ear.

synonyms: dulcet, mellifluous, mellisonant, sweet.

Moby thesaurus: achingly sweet, adulatory, affable, agreeable, agreeable-sounding, ambrosial, amiable, amicable, appealing, ariose, arioso, bittersweet, bland, blandishing, blarneying, blissful, buttery, cajoling, candied, canorous ... show more.

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1 honey

A sweet yellow liquid produced by bees.

Roget 396: sweetness, dulcitude.    sugar, syrup, treacle, molasses, honey, manna; confection, confectionary; sweets, grocery, conserve, preserve, ... show more

Dutch: bijenhoning, honig, honing, schatje
Polish: miĆ³d

2 honey

A beloved person; used as terms of endearment.

synonyms: beloved, dear, dearest, love.

Roget 899: favorite, pet, cosset, minion, idol, jewel, spoiled child, enfant gat_e [Fr.]; led captain; crony; fondling; apple of one's eye, man after one's own heart; persona grata.    ... show more

Dutch: beminde, engel, geliefde, goodie-goodie, hartedief, hartediefje, hartelap, hartendief, hartendiefje, hartenlap ... show more


1 honey

Sweeten with honey.


1 honey

Of something having the color of honey.

Polish: miodny, miodowy

Moby thesaurus: Jell-O, ace, ambrosia, angel, artificial sweetener, babe, baby, baby-doll, beaut, beloved, blackstrap, blancmange, blarney, butter, butter up, buttercup, calcium cyclamate, candy, cane syrup, captive ... show more.

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