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1 salaam

A deep bow; a Muslim form of salutation.

Roget 308: lowering etc. v.; depression; dip etc. (concavity) 252; abasement; detrusion; reduction.    overthrow, overset, overturn; ... show more

Roget 894: courtesy; respect etc. 928; good manners, good behavior, good breeding; manners; politeness etc. adj.; bienseance, urbanity, ... show more

Roget 928: respect, regard, consideration; courtesy etc. 894; attention, deference, reverence, honor, esteem, estimation, veneration, ... show more


1 salaam

Greet with a salaam.

Moby thesaurus: bend, bend the knee, bend the neck, bending the knee, best wishes, bob, bob a curtsy, bob down, bow, bow and scrape, bow down, bow the head, bowing and scraping, crouch, curtsy, dipping the colors, duck, fall down before, genuflect, genuflection ... show more.

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