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1 barbaric

Without civilizing influences:
— Barbaric practices.

synonyms: barbarian, savage, uncivilised, uncivilized, wild.

Roget 876: ignoble, common, mean, low, base, vile, sorry, scrubby, beggarly; below par; no great shakes etc. (unimportant) 643; ... show more

Roget 907: malevolent, unbenevolent; unbenign; ill-disposed, ill-intentioned, ill-natured, ill-conditioned, ill-contrived; evil-minded, evil-disposed; black-browed.    malicious; malign, ... show more

Roget 851: in bad taste vulgar, unrefined.    coarse, indecorous, ribald, gross; unseemly, unbeseeming, unpresentable; contra bonos mores [Lat.]; ungraceful etc. (ugly) 846.    ... show more

Polish: barbarzyƄski, niecywilizowany, nieucywilizowany

2 barbaric

Unrestrained and crudely rich.

Moby thesaurus: Doric, Draconian, Gothic, Neanderthal, Philistine, Tartarean, aggressive, alien, animal, anthropophagous, atrocious, barbarian, barbarous, beastly, bestial, blatant, bloodthirsty, bloody, bloody-minded, bookless ... show more.

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