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1 malicious

Having the nature of or resulting from malice.

Roget 898: hating etc. v.; abhorrent; averse from etc. (disliking) 867; set against.    bitter etc. (acrimonious) 895; ... show more

Roget 907: malevolent, unbenevolent; unbenign; ill-disposed, ill-intentioned, ill-natured, ill-conditioned, ill-contrived; evil-minded, evil-disposed; black-browed.    malicious; malign, ... show more

Dutch: kwaadwillig

Moby thesaurus: acrid, antagonistic, antipathetic, baleful, baneful, belligerent, bitchy, bitter, catty, caustic, clashing, colliding, conflicting, cussed, deleterious, despiteful, detrimental, envious, evil, full of hate ... show more.

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