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1 swain

A man who is the lover of a man or woman.

synonyms: beau, boyfriend, fellow.

Roget 373: man, male, he, him; manhood etc. (adolescence) 131; gentleman, sir, master; sahib; yeoman, wight, ... show more

Roget 876: commonalty, democracy; obscurity; low condition, low life, low society, low company; bourgeoisie; mass of the people, mass of society; Brown Jones and Robinson; lower classes, humbler classes, ... show more

Roget 897: love; fondness etc. adj.; liking; inclination etc. (desire) 865; regard, dilection, admiration, fancy.    affection, ... show more

Dutch: lief, minnaar, vriend, vriendje
Polish: chłopak, chłopiec

Moby thesaurus: Casanova, Don Juan, Lothario, Romeo, amoroso, beau, bodyguard, boyfriend, caballero, cavalier, cavaliere servente, chaperon, companion, conductor, convoy, duenna, escort, esquire, fellow, fellow traveler ... show more.

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