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1 vehement

Marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently; fervid:
— Vehement dislike.

synonyms: fierce, tearing, trigger-happy, violent.

Roget 574: vigorous, nervous, powerful, forcible, trenchant, incisive, impressive; sensational.    spirited, lively, glowing, sparkling, racy, bold, ... show more

Roget 825: excitable, easily excited, in an excitable state; high-strung; irritable etc. (irascible) 901; impatient, intolerant.    feverish, febrile, hysterical; delirious, ... show more

Roget 173: violent, vehement; warm; acute, sharp; rough, rude, ungentle, bluff, boisterous, wild; brusque, abrupt, ... show more

2 vehement

Characterized by great force or energy.

Moby thesaurus: abandoned, acid, acidulous, acrid, acrimonious, acute, afire, ardent, assiduous, astringent, biting, bitter, burning, caustic, committed, concentrated, cutting, dedicated, delirious, desperate ... show more.

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