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1 internecine

of conflict Within a group or organization.

Roget 361: killing etc. v.; murderous, slaughterous; sanguinary, sanguinolent; blood stained, blood thirsty; homicidal, red handed; bloody, bloody minded; ensanguined, ... show more

Roget 722: contending, contentious etc. 720; armed, armed to the teeth, armed cap-a-pie; sword in hand; in arms, under arms, up in arms; at war with; bristling with arms; in battle array, ... show more

2 internecine

Characterized by bloodshed and carnage for both sides.

Polish: krwawy

Moby thesaurus: baneful, brutal, calamitous, cataclysmal, cataclysmic, catastrophic, consuming, consumptive, deadly, death-bringing, deathful, deathly, demolishing, demolitionary, depredatory, desolating, destroying, destructive, devastating, disastrous ... show more.

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