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1 odd

Not divisible by two.

synonym: uneven.

Roget 851: in bad taste vulgar, unrefined.    coarse, indecorous, ribald, gross; unseemly, unbeseeming, unpresentable; contra bonos mores [Lat.]; ungraceful etc. (ugly) 846.    ... show more

Roget 503: insane, mad, lunatic, loony [Coll.]; crazy, crazed, aliene, non compos mentis; not right, cracked, touched; bereft of reason; all possessed, ... show more

2 odd

Not easily explained.

3 odd

An indefinite quantity more than that specified.

4 odd

Beyond or deviating from the usual or expected:
— Had an odd name.

synonyms: curious, funny, peculiar, queer, rum, rummy, singular.

Roget 853: ridiculous, ludicrous; comical; droll, funny, laughable, pour rire, grotesque, farcical, odd; whimsical, whimsical as a dancing bear; fanciful, fantastic, ... show more

Roget 83: uncomformable, exceptional; abnormal, abnormous; anomalous, anomalistic; out of order, out of place, out of keeping, out of tune, out of one's element; irregular, arbitrary; teratogenic; ... show more

Roget 87: one, sole, single, solitary, unitary; individual, apart, alone; kithless.    unaccompanied, unattended; solus [Lat.], single-handed; singular, ... show more

5 odd

Of the remaining member of a pair:
— An odd glove.

synonyms: unmatched, unmated, unpaired.

Roget 81: polymorphous, multiform, multifold, multifarious, multigenerous, multiplex; heterogeneous, diversified, dissimilar, various, varied, variform; manifold, many-sided; ... show more

Polish: nieparzysty

6 odd

Not used up:
— Some odd dollars left.

synonyms: left, left over, leftover, remaining, unexpended.

Roget 40: remaining, left; left behind, left over; residual, residuary; over, odd; unconsumed, sedimentary; surviving; net; exceeding, over and above; ... show more

Moby thesaurus: abnormal, absolute, absurd, algorismic, algorithmic, aliquot, alone, anomalous, asymmetric, azygous, bereft of reason, brainsick, cardinal, casual, celibate, chance, contingent, contrasting, counter, crackbrained ... show more.

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