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1 monster

An imaginary creature usually having various human and animal parts.

Roget 872: prodigy, phenomenon; wonder, wonderment; marvel, miracle; monster etc. (unconformity) 83; curiosity, lion, sight, spectacle; ... show more

Roget 846: ugliness etc. adj.; deformity, inelegance; acomia; disfigurement etc. (blemish) 848; want of symmetry, inconcinnity; distortion etc. ... show more

Dutch: gedrocht, monster, wangedrocht, wangestalte
Polish: monstrum, potwór

2 monster

Someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful.

synonyms: behemoth, colossus, giant, goliath.

Roget 192: size, magnitude, dimension, bulk, volume; largeness etc. adj.; greatness etc. (of quantity) 31; expanse etc. ... show more

Dutch: colossus, gigant, Goliath, kolos, ondier

3 monster

A person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed.

synonyms: freak, lusus naturae, monstrosity.

Roget 83: nonconformity etc. 82; unconformity, disconformity; unconventionality, informality, abnormity, abnormality, anomaly; anomalousness etc. adj.; exception, ... show more

Dutch: misbaksel, misvorming, monstertje, monstruositeit, wangedrocht, wanproduct, wanprodukt

4 monster

A cruel wicked and inhuman person.

synonyms: demon, devil, fiend, ogre.

Roget 913: evil doer, evil worker; wrongdoer etc. 949; mischief-maker, marplot; oppressor, tyrant; destroyer, Vandal; iconoclast.    firebrand, incendiary, ... show more

Roget 949: bad man, wrongdoer, worker of iniquity; evildoer etc. 913; sinner; the wicked etc. 945; bad example.    villain, rascal, ... show more

Dutch: demon, deugniet, duivel, monster

5 monster

medicine A grossly malformed and usually nonviable fetus.

synonym: teras.

Polish: maszkara, monstrum, poczwara, potwór


Roget 192: large, big; great etc. (in quantity) 31; considerable, bulky, voluminous, ample, massive, massy; capacious, comprehensive; ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Argus, Atlantean, Briareus, Brobdingnagian, Cerberus, Charybdis, Cyclopean, Cyclops, Dracula, Echidna, Frankenstein, Gargantuan, Gorgon, Harpy, Herculean, Homeric, Hydra, Loch Ness monster, Mafioso, Medusa ... show more.

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