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1 tough

Someone who learned to fight in the streets rather than being formally trained in the sport of boxing.

synonym: street fighter.

2 tough

An aggressive and violent young criminal.

synonyms: goon, hood, hoodlum, punk, strong-armer, thug, toughie.

Dutch: gangster, schoelie, schurk

3 tough

A cruel and brutal fellow.

synonyms: bully, hooligan, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, yob, yobbo, yobo.

Roget 949: bad man, wrongdoer, worker of iniquity; evildoer etc. 913; sinner; the wicked etc. 945; bad example.    villain, rascal, ... show more

Dutch: barbaar, beest, beestmens, beul, bloedhond, bruut, bullebak, hooligan, kwelduivel, kwelgeest ... show more
Polish: bandyta, oprych, opryszek, rzezimieszek, zbir


1 tough

Not given to gentleness or sentimentality.

Roget 46: cohesive, adhesive, adhering, cohering etc. v.; tenacious, tough; sticky etc. 352.    united, unseparated, unsessile, ... show more

Roget 327: tenacious, tough, strong, resisting, sequacious, stringy, gristly cartilaginous, leathery, coriaceous, tough as whitleather; stubborn etc. (obstinate) 606.    ... show more

2 tough

Very difficult; severely testing stamina or resolution:
— The competition was tough.
— It's a tough life.
— It was a tough job.

synonym: rugged.

Roget 704: difficult, not easy, hard, tough; troublesome, toilsome, irksome; operose, laborious, onerous, arduous, Herculean, formidable; sooner said than done; ... show more

Polish: bezlitosny, nielitościwy

3 tough

Physically toughened:
— The tough bottoms of his feet.

synonym: toughened.

4 tough

Substantially made or constructed:
— A tough all-weather fabric.
— Some plastics are as tough as metal.

synonym: sturdy.

5 tough

Violent and lawless:
— Tough street gangs.

synonym: ruffianly.

6 tough

Feeling physical discomfort or pain (`tough' is occasionally used colloquially for `bad'):
— He was feeling tough after a restless night.

synonym: bad.

7 tough

Resistant to cutting or chewing.

8 tough

Unfortunate or hard to bear:
— A tough break.

synonym: hard.

Polish: niesłodki

9 tough

Making great mental demands; hard to comprehend or solve or believe.

synonyms: baffling, elusive, knotty, problematic, problematical.

Polish: problematyczny

Moby thesaurus: Antaeus, Atlas, Briareus, Brobdingnagian, Charles Atlas, Cyclops, Goliath, Herculean, Hercules, Mafioso, OK, Polyphemus, Samson, Spartan, Spartanic, Superman, Tarzan, Titan, Young Turk, abiding ... show more.

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