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Roget category 361

3. Words relating to matter
3.3. Organic matter
›› 3.3.1. Vitality

#361. [Destruction of life; violent death.] Killing


killing etc. v. — homicide, manslaughter, murder, assassination, trucidation, iccusioneffusion of bloodblood, blood shedgore, slaughter, carnage, butcherybattue.
massacrefusillade, noyadethuggery, Thuggism.
deathblow, finishing stroke, coup de grace, quietusexecution etc. (capital punishment) 972judicial murdermartyrdom.
butcher, slayer, murderer, Cain, assassin, terrorist, cutthroat, garroter, bravo, Thug, Moloch, matador, sabreurguet-a-pensgallows, executioner etc. (punishment) 975man-eater, apache, hatchet man [U.S.], highbinder [U.S.].
regicide, parricide, matricide, fratricide, infanticide, feticide, foeticide, uxoricide, vaticide.
suicide, felo de se, hara-kiri, suttee, Juggernathimmolation, auto da fe, holocaust.
suffocation, strangulation, garrotehanging etc. v. — lapidation.
deadly weapon etc. (arms) 727Aceldama.
[Destruction of animals] slaughtering phthisozoicssport, sportingthe chase, veneryhunting, coursing, shooting, fishingpig-stickingsportsman, huntsman, fishermanhunter, Nimrodslaughterhouse, meat packing plant, shambles, abattoir.
fatal accident, violent death, casualty.


kill, put to death, slay, shed bloodmurder, assassinate, butcher, slaughter, victimize, immolatemassacretake away life, deprive of lifemake away with, put an end todespatch, dispatchburke, settle, do for.
strangle, garrote, hang, throttle, choke, stifle, suffocate, stop the breath, smother, asphyxiate, drown.
sabercut down, cut to pieces, cut the throatjugulatestab, run through the body, bayonet, eviscerateput to the sword, put to the edge of the sword.
shoot deadblow one's brains outbrain, knock on the headstone, lapidategive a deathblowdeal a deathblowgive a quietus, give a coupe de grace.
behead, bowstring, electrocute, gas etc. (execute) 972.
hunt, shoot etc. n.. cut off, nip in the bud, launch into eternity, send to one's last account, sign one's death warrant, strike the death knell of.
give no quarter, pour out blood like waterdecimaterun amuck wade knee deep in blood, imbrue one's hands in blood.
die a violent death, welter in one's blooddash out one's brains, blow out one's brainscommit suicidekill oneself, make away with oneself, put an end to oneself, put an end to it all.


killing etc. v. — murderous, slaughteroussanguinary, sanguinolentblood stained, blood thirstyhomicidal, red handedbloody, bloody mindedensanguined, gorythuggish.
mortal, fatal, lethaldead, deadlymortiferous, lethiferousunhealthy etc. 657internecinesuicidal.
sportingpiscatorial, piscatory.


in at the death.


assassination has never changed the history of the assassination has never changed the history of the world" [Disraeli].

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