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1 hammer

The part of a gunlock that strikes the percussion cap when the trigger is pulled.

synonym: cock.

Roget 633: machinery, mechanism, engineering.    instrument, organ, tool, implement, utensil, machine, engine, lathe, gin, mill; air engine, ... show more

Dutch: doffer, haan
Polish: kurek

2 hammer

A hand tool with a heavy rigid head and a handle; used to deliver an impulsive force by striking.

Dutch: hamer, vuist, vuisthamer
Polish: młot

3 hammer

The ossicle attached to the eardrum.

synonym: malleus.

Dutch: hamer
Polish: młoteczek

4 hammer

A light drumstick with a rounded head that is used to strike such percussion instruments as chimes, kettledrums, marimbas, glockenspiels, etc..

synonym: mallet.

Roget 276: impulse, impulsion, impetus; momentum; push, pulsion, thrust, shove, jog, jolt, brunt, booming, boost [U.S.], throw; ... show more

5 hammer

A heavy metal sphere attached to a flexible wire; used in the hammer throw.

Polish: młot

6 hammer

A striker that is covered in felt and that causes the piano strings to vibrate.

7 hammer

A power tool for drilling rocks.

synonym: power hammer.

Dutch: hamer
Polish: młot

8 hammer

The act of pounding (delivering repeated heavy blows):
— The sudden hammer of fists caught him off guard.

synonyms: hammering, pound, pounding.


1 hammer

Beat with or as if with a hammer.

Roget 583: stammer, stutter, hesitate, falter, hammer; balbutiate, balbucinate, haw, hum and haw, be unable to put two words together.    mumble, mutter; maud, mauder; ... show more

Roget 104: repeat, iterate, reiterate, reproduce, echo, reecho, drum, harp upon, battologize, hammer, redouble.    recur, revert, return, ... show more

Dutch: hameren

2 hammer

Create by hammering:
— Hammer the silver into a bowl.

synonym: forge.

Dutch: smeden

Moby thesaurus: Eustachian tube, air hammer, anvil, assault, attack, auditory apparatus, auditory canal, auditory meatus, auditory nerve, auditory ossicles, auditory tube, auricle, ball peen hammer, bang, barbarize, basilar membrane, baste, batter, beat, beetle ... show more.

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