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1 atrocious

Shockingly brutal or cruel:
— Murder is an atrocious crime.

synonyms: flagitious, grievous, monstrous.

Roget 907: malevolent, unbenevolent; unbenign; ill-disposed, ill-intentioned, ill-natured, ill-conditioned, ill-contrived; evil-minded, evil-disposed; black-browed.    malicious; malign, ... show more

Roget 945: vicious; sinful; sinning etc. v.; wicked, iniquitous, immoral, unrighteous, wrong, criminal; naughty, incorrect; ... show more

Polish: bezduszny, bezlitosny, okrutny, niehumanitarny, antyhumanitarny, bezuczuciowy, nieludzki, nielitościwy

2 atrocious

Exceptionally bad or displeasing:
— Atrocious taste.

synonyms: abominable, awful, dreadful, painful, terrible, unspeakable.

3 atrocious

Provoking horror:
— An atrocious automobile accident.

synonyms: frightful, horrible, horrifying, ugly.

Moby thesaurus: Draconian, Tartarean, aberrant, abject, abnormal, abominable, abusive, acute, afflictive, agonizing, animal, anthropophagous, appalling, arrant, atrocious, awful, backhand, backhanded, bad, baneful ... show more.

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