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1 deceit

The quality of being fraudulent.

synonym: fraudulence.

2 deceit

A misleading falsehood.

synonyms: deception, misrepresentation.

Roget 545: deception; falseness etc. 544; untruth etc. 546; imposition, imposture; fraud, deceit, guile; fraudulence, fraudulency; ... show more

Dutch: bedrog
Polish: bałamuctwo, granda, kanciarstwo, krętactwo, macherka, machlojka, matactwo, oszukaństwo, oszustwo, szachrajstwo ... show more

3 deceit

The act of deceiving.

synonyms: deception, dissembling, dissimulation.

Roget 544: falsehood, falseness; falsity, falsification; deception etc. 545; untruth etc. 546; guile; lying etc. ... show more

Dutch: veinzerij, zwendelarij, oplichterij, bedriegerij, bedrog, beduvelarij, kloterij, misleiding, mystificatie, verlakkerij ... show more
Polish: dyssymulacja, dysymulacja

Moby thesaurus: art, artful dodge, artfulness, artifice, blind, cheating, chicane, chicanery, con, con game, conspiracy, contrivance, coup, craft, craftiness, cunning, cute trick, deceitfulness, deception, defrauding ... show more.

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