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battle cry


1 battle cry

A yell intended to rally a group of soldiers in battle.

synonyms: rallying cry, war cry, war whoop.

Dutch: strijdkreet

2 battle cry

A slogan used to rally support for a cause.

synonyms: cry, rallying cry, war cry, watchword.

Roget 550: indication; symbolism, symbolization; semiology, semiotics, semeiology, semeiotics; Zeitgeist.    [means of recognition: property] characteristic, diagnostic; lineament, feature, ... show more

Roget 722: warfare; fighting etc. v.; hostilities; war, arms, the sword; Mars, Bellona, grim visaged war, horrida bella [Lat.]; bloodshed.    appeal to arms, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Angelus, Angelus bell, alarm, alarum, bark, bawl, bellow, bid to combat, birdcall, bugle call, call, call to arms, call-up, catchword, caterwaul, challenge, cheer, clarion, clarion call, conscription ... show more.

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