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1 ridicule

Language or behavior intended to mock or humiliate.

Roget 842: wit, humor, wittiness; sense of humor; attic wit, attic salt; atticism; salt, esprit, point, fancy, whim, drollery, pleasantry.    ... show more

2 ridicule

The act of deriding or treating with contempt.

synonym: derision.

Roget 856: ridicule, derision; sardonic smile, sardonic grin; irrision; scoffing etc. (disrespect) 929; mockery, quiz, banter, irony, ... show more

Polish: szydzenie


1 ridicule

Subject to laughter or ridicule:
— The satirists ridiculed the plans for a new opera house.

synonyms: blackguard, guy, jest at, laugh at, make fun, poke fun, rib, roast.

Roget 483: underrate, underestimate, undervalue, underreckon; depreciate; disparage etc. (detract) 934; not do justice to; misprize, disprize; ridicule etc. ... show more

Roget 856: ridicule, deride, mock, taunt; snigger; laugh in one's sleeve; tease [ridicule lightly], badinage, banter, rally, chaff, joke, ... show more

Roget 929: hold in disrespect etc. (despise) 930; misprize, disregard, slight, trifle with, set at naught, pass by, push aside, overlook, turn one's back upon, laugh in one's sleeve; ... show more

Dutch: bespotten, ridiculiseren

Moby thesaurus: airs, arrogance, badinage, banter, barrack, be above, be contemptuous of, be disrespectful, be merry with, be overfamiliar with, brashness, brassiness, brazenfacedness, brazenness, burlesque, care nothing for, caricature, chaff, cheekiness, clannishness ... show more.

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