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1 cackle

The sound made by a hen after laying an egg.

Roget 588: conversation, interlocution; collocution, colloquy, converse, confabulation, talk, discourse, verbal intercourse; oral communication, commerce; dialogue, duologue, trialogue.    ... show more

Dutch: gekakel

2 cackle

Noisy talk.

synonyms: chatter, yack, yak, yakety-yak.

Roget 584: loquacity, loquaciousness; talkativeness etc. adj.; garrulity; multiloquence, much speaking.    jaw; gabble; jabber, chatter; prate, prattle, ... show more

Dutch: spuwsel, gebabbel, gezwets, gezwam, gelul, geleuter, gekwebbel, geklets, gekwetter

3 cackle

A loud laugh suggestive of a hen's cackle.

Polish: rozrechotanie siÄ™


1 cackle

Talk or utter in a cackling manner.

Roget 840: amuse, entertain, divert, enliven; tickle the fancy; titillate, raise a smile, put in good humor; cause laughter, create laughter, occasion laughter, raise laughter, excite laughter, produce laughter, ... show more

Roget 412: cry, roar, bellow, blare, rebellow; growl, snarl.    [specific animal sounds] bark [dog, seal]; bow-wow, yelp [dog]; bay, ... show more

2 cackle

Squawk shrilly and loudly, characteristic of hens.

Dutch: kakelen, kokkelen

3 cackle

Emit a loud, unpleasant kind of laughing.

Moby thesaurus: call, carol, caw, chatter, cheep, chirk, chirp, chirr, chirrup, chitter, chuck, clack, cluck, coo, croak, cronk, crow, cuckoo, drum, gabble ... show more.

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