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Roget category 702

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.3. Voluntary action
›› 5.3.2. Complex voluntary action

#702. Cunning


cunning, craftcunningness, craftiness etc. adj. — subtlety, artificialitymaneuvering etc. v. — temporizationcircumvention.
chicane, chicanerysharp practice, knavery, juggleryconcealment etc. 528guile, doubling, duplicity etc. (falsehood) 544foul play.
diplomacy, politics Machiavelismjobbery, backstairs influence.
art, artificedevice, machinationplot etc. (plan) 626maneuver, stratagem, dodge, sidestep, artful dodge, wiletrick, trickery etc. (deception) 545ruse, ruse de guerre [Fr.]finesse, side blow, thin end of the wedge, shift, go by, subterfuge, evasionwhite lie etc. (untruth) 546juggle, tour de forcetricks of the trade, tricks upon travelersespieglerie [Fr.]net, trap etc. 545.
Ulysses, Machiavel, sly boots, fox, reynardScotchmanJew, Yankeeintriguer, intrigantfloater [U.S.], Indian giver [U.S.], keener [U.S.], repeater [U.S.].


be cunning etc. adj. — have cut one's eyeteethcontrive etc. (plan) 626live by one's witsmaneuverintrigue, gerrymander, finesse, double, temporize, stoop to conquer, reculer pour mieux sauter [Fr.], circumvent, steal a march uponoverreach etc. 545throw off one's guardsurprise etc. 508snatch a verdictwaylay, undermine, introduce the thin end of the wedgeplay a deep game, play tricks withambiguas in vulgum spargere voces [Lat.]flatter, make things pleasanthave an ax to grind.
dodge, sidestep, bob and weave.


cunning, crafty, artfulskillful etc. 698subtle, feline, vulpinecunning as a fox, cunning as a serpentdeep, deep laidprofounddesigning, contrivingintriguing etc. v. — strategic, diplomatic, politic, Machiavelian, timeservingartificialtricky, tricksywily, sly, slim, insidious, stealthyunderhand etc. (hidden) 528subdolousdeceitful etc. 545slippery as an eel, evasive etc. 623crooked arch, pawky, shrewd, acutesharp, sharp as a tack, sharp as a needlecanny, astute, leery, knowing, up to snuff, too clever by half, not to be caught with chaff.
tactful, diplomatic, politicpolite etc. 894.


cunningly etc. adj. — slyly, slily, on the sly, by a side wind.


diamond cut diamonda' bis ou a blanc [Fr.]fin contre fin [Fr.]something is rotten in the state of something is rotten in the state of Denmark" [Hamlet].

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