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1 pitfall

An unforeseen or unexpected or surprising difficulty.

synonym: booby trap.

Roget 545: deception; falseness etc. 544; untruth etc. 546; imposition, imposture; fraud, deceit, guile; fraudulence, fraudulency; ... show more

Roget 667: rocks, reefs, coral reef, sunken rocks, snags; sands, quicksands; syrt, syrtis; Goodwin sands, sandy foundation; slippery ground; breakers, shoals, ... show more

Roget 530: camouflage; mimicry; hiding place; secret place, secret drawer; recess, hold, holes and corners; closet, crypt, adytum, abditory, oubliette.    ambush, ... show more

2 pitfall

A trap in the form of a concealed hole.

synonym: pit.

Dutch: valkuil
Polish: wilczy dół

Moby thesaurus: Dionaea, bait, baited trap, booby trap, catch, cobweb, coral heads, danger, deadfall, deathtrap, decoy, difficulty, entanglement, firetrap, flytrap, gin, hazard, ironbound coast, ledges, lee shore ... show more.

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