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1 bundle

A collection of things wrapped or boxed together.

synonyms: package, packet, parcel.

Roget 72: assemblage; collection, collocation, colligation; compilation, levy, gathering, ingathering, muster, attroupement; team; concourse, conflux, congregation, ... show more

Dutch: bundel
Polish: paczka

2 bundle

A package of several things tied together for carrying or storing.

synonym: sheaf.

Dutch: bos, bosje, bundel, hoop, schoof, spierbundel
Polish: tobół, tłumok

3 bundle

A large sum of money (especially as pay or profit):
— She made a bundle selling real estate.

synonyms: big bucks, big money, megabucks, pile.

Dutch: fortuin, kapitaal
Polish: ciężka forsa, ciężki grosz, ciężki pieniądz, drogie pieniądze


1 bundle

Make into a bundle:
— He bundled up his few possessions.

synonyms: bundle up, roll up.

Roget 266: travel, journey, course; take a journey, go a journey; take a walk, go out for walk etc. n.; have a run; take the air.    flit, take wing; migrate, ... show more

2 bundle

Gather or cause to gather into a cluster.

synonyms: bunch, clump, cluster.

Dutch: samenballen

3 bundle

Compress into a wad.

synonyms: compact, pack, wad.

4 bundle

Sleep fully clothed in the same bed with one's betrothed.

synonym: practice bundling.

Moby thesaurus: accelerate, amble, array, bale, band, bandage, barge, batch, belt, bend, bind, bind up, bindle, body, bolt, bomb, boodle, bouquet, bow out, bowl along ... show more.

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