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1 refrain

The part of a song where a soloist is joined by a group of singers.

synonym: chorus.

Roget 104: repetition, iteration, reiteration, harping, recurrence, succession, run; battology, tautology; monotony, tautophony; rhythm etc. 138; ... show more

Dutch: chorus, keervers, keerzang, refrein
Polish: refren


1 refrain

Resist doing something:
— He refrained from hitting him back.

synonym: forbear.

Roget 953: be temperate etc. adj.; abstain, forbear, refrain, deny oneself, spare, swear off.    know when one has had enough, know one's limit.    take the pledge, go on the wagon.    ... show more

Dutch: abstineren, inhouden, laten, nalaten, onthouden

2 refrain

Choose not to consume.

synonyms: abstain, desist.

Roget 623: abstain, refrain, spare, not attempt; not do etc. 681; maintain the even tenor of one's way.    eschew, keep from, let alone, have nothing to do with; keep aloof keep off, stand aloof, ... show more

Roget 681: not do, not act, not attempt; be inactive etc. 683; abstain from doing, do nothing, hold, spare; not stir, not move, not lift a finger, not lift a foot, ... show more

Dutch: ophouden, staken, stoppen

Moby thesaurus: PS, Parthian shot, Spenserian stanza, abandon, abort, abstain, abstain from, addendum, afterthought, air, anacrusis, antistrophe, appendix, aria, arrest, avoid, back matter, bass passage, belay, bis ... show more.

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