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1 salvage

Property or goods saved from damage or destruction.

Roget 775: acquisition; gaining etc. v.; obtainment; procuration, procurement; purchase, descent, inheritance; gift etc. 784.    recovery, ... show more

Roget 812: price, amount, cost, expense, prime cost, charge, figure; demand, damage; fare, hire, wages etc. (remuneration) ... show more

Roget 813: discount, abatement, concession, reduction, depreciation, allowance; qualification, set-off, drawback, poundage, agio, percentage; rebate, rebatement; ... show more

Roget 973: reward, recompense, remuneration, meed, guerdon, reguerdon; price.    [payment for damage or debt] indemnity, indemnification; quittance; compensation; reparation, redress, ... show more

2 salvage

The act of saving goods or property that were in danger of damage or destruction.

3 salvage

The act of rescuing a ship or its crew or its cargo from a shipwreck or a fire.

Dutch: berging, bergingswerken


1 salvage

Save from ruin, destruction, or harm.

synonyms: relieve, salve, save.

2 salvage

Collect discarded material.

synonym: scavenge.

Dutch: reinigen, vuil ophalen

Moby thesaurus: abatement, admission, admission fee, agio, allowance, amends, anchorage, atonement, bank discount, blood money, breakage, brokerage, carfare, cash discount, cellarage, chain discount, charge, charge-off, charges, compensation ... show more.

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