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1 wages

A recompense for worthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing:
— The wages of sin is death.

synonyms: payoff, reward.

Roget 812: price, amount, cost, expense, prime cost, charge, figure; demand, damage; fare, hire, wages etc. (remuneration) ... show more

Roget 973: reward, recompense, remuneration, meed, guerdon, reguerdon; price.    [payment for damage or debt] indemnity, indemnification; quittance; compensation; reparation, redress, ... show more

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1 wage

Something that remunerates:
— Wages were paid by check.

synonyms: earnings, pay, remuneration, salary.

Dutch: arbeidsinkomen, arbeidsloon, bezoldiging, gage, honorarium, loon, remuneratie, salaris, traktement, wedde
Polish: uposażenie, wypłata, pobory, płaca, pensja


1 wage

Carry on (wars, battles, or campaigns):
— Napoleon and Hitler waged war against all of Europe.

synonym: engage.

Moby thesaurus: base pay, carry on, compensation, conduct, dismissal wage, do, earnings, employ, engage in, escalator clause, escalator plan, exercise, financial remuneration, follow, go in for, gross income, guaranteed annual wage, hire, income, living wage ... show more.

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