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Roget category 812

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.9. Possessive relations
›› 5.9.4. Monetary relations

#812. Price


price, amount, cost, expense, prime cost, charge, figuredemand, damagefare, hire, wages etc. (remuneration) 973value etc. 812.1. dues, duty, toll, tax, impost, cess, sess, tallage, levyabkaricapitation tax, poll taxdoomage [U.S.], likingabel, gabellegavel, octroi, custom, excise, assessment, benevolence, tithe, tenths, exactment, ransom, salvage, tariffbrokerage, wharfage, freightage.
bill etc. (account) 811shot.


bear a price, set a price, fix a priceappraise, assess, doom [U.S.], price, charge, demand, ask, require, exact, run updistrainrun up a bill etc. (debt) 806have one's priceliquidate.
amount to, come to, mount up tostand one in.
fetch, sell for, cost, bring in, yield, afford.


priced etc. v. — to the tune of, ad valoremdutiablemercenary, venal.


no penny no paternoster [Lat.]point d'argent point de Suisse [Fr.], no longer pipe no longer dance, no song no supper, if you dance you have to pay the piper, you get what you pay for, there's no such thing as a free lunch.
one may have it fora bon marche [Fr.].

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