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1 recovery

Return to an original state.

Roget 789: taking etc. v.; reception etc. (taking in) 296; deglutition etc. (taking food) 298; appropriation, prehension, prensation; ... show more

Roget 658: improvement; amelioration, melioration; betterment; mend, amendment, emendation; mending etc. v.; advancement; advance etc. (progress) ... show more

Dutch: herstel

2 recovery

Gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury.

synonyms: convalescence, recuperation.

Roget 790: restitution, return; rendition, reddition; restoration; reinvestment, recuperation; rehabilitation etc. (reconstruction) 660; reparation, atonement; compensation, ... show more

Dutch: herstel, reconvalescentie, recuperatie, revalidatie
Polish: konwalescencja, rekonwalescencja

3 recovery

The act of regaining or saving something lost (or in danger of becoming lost).

synonym: retrieval.

Roget 660: restoration, restoral; reinstatement, replacement, rehabilitation, reestablishment, reconstitution, reconstruction; reproduction etc. 163; renovation, renewal; ... show more

Roget 775: acquisition; gaining etc. v.; obtainment; procuration, procurement; purchase, descent, inheritance; gift etc. 784.    recovery, ... show more

Dutch: genezing, herstel, recuperatie, retrieval, terugwinning
Polish: odzysk

Moby thesaurus: Great Leap Forward, advance, advancement, amelioration, amendment, ascent, bettering, betterment, boom, boost, bottoming out, business cycle, business fluctuations, bust, comeback, convalescence, cooling off, crisis, deliverance, delivery ... show more.

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