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1 belonging

Happiness felt in a secure relationship.

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1 belongings

Something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone.

synonyms: holding, property.

Roget 780: property, possession, suum cuique [Lat.], meum et tuum [Lat.].    ownership, proprietorship, lordship; seignority; empire etc. (dominion) 737.    interest, stake, ... show more

Dutch: bezit, bezitting, eigendom
Polish: dobytek, przynależność, stan posiadania, majątek, własność, majętność, mienie

Moby thesaurus: accessories, appanages, appendages, appointments, appurtenances, chattels, choses, choses in action, choses in possession, choses local, choses transitory, effects, goods, lares and penates, material things, movables, paraphernalia, perquisites, personal effects, personal property ... show more.

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