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1 recapture

A legal seizure by the government of profits beyond a fixed amount.

Dutch: herovering

2 recapture

The act of taking something back.

synonym: retaking.

Dutch: herovering
Polish: odbijanie


1 recapture

Experience anew.

2 recapture

Take up anew.

3 recapture

Take back by force, as after a battle:
— The military forces managed to recapture the fort.

synonym: retake.

4 recapture

Capture again:
— Recapture the escaped prisoner.

synonym: retake.

Moby thesaurus: bring back, bring to mind, call back, call to mind, call up, conjure up, evoke, get back, go back, go back over, hark back, look back, mind, ransom, recall, recall to mind, reclaim, reclaiming, reclamation, recollect ... show more.

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