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1 scavenger

A chemical agent that is added to a chemical mixture to counteract the effects of impurities.

Roget 652: cleanness, cleanliness etc. adj.; purity; cleaning etc. v.; purification, defecation etc. v.; purgation, lustration; ... show more

2 scavenger

Someone who collects things that have been discarded by others.

synonyms: magpie, pack rat.

Dutch: ekster, zwartrugfluitvogel

3 scavenger

Any animal that feeds on refuse and other decaying organic matter.

Dutch: jutter, straatveger, aasdier, aaseter
Polish: padlino┼╝erca, ┼Ťcierwojad

Moby thesaurus: amphibian, aquatic, biped, canine, cannibal, carnivore, chimney sweep, cleanser, cosmopolite, crossing sweeper, feline, flue cleaner, gnawer, herbivore, insectivore, invertebrate, mammal, mammalian, marsupial, marsupialian ... show more.

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