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Roget category 811

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.9. Possessive relations
›› 5.9.4. Monetary relations

#811. Accounts


accounts, accomptscommercial arithmetic, monetary arithmeticstatistics etc. (numeration) 85money matters, finance, budget, bill, score, reckoning, account.
books, account book, ledgerday book, cash book, pass bookjournaldebtor and creditor account, cash account, running accountaccount currentbalance, balance sheetcompte rendu [Fr.], account settled, acquit, assets, expenditure, liabilities, outstanding accountsprofit and loss account, profit and loss statement, receipts.
bookkeeping, accounting, double entry bookkeeping, reckoning.
[person who keeps accounts] accountant, auditor, actuary, bookkeeper, bean counter [Sarc.]financier etc. 801accounting partychartered accountant, certified accountantaccounting firm, auditing firm.


keep accounts, enter, post, book, credit, debit, carry over take stockbalance accounts, make up accounts, square accounts, settle accounts, wind up accounts, cast up accountsmake accounts square, square accounts.
bring to book, tax, surcharge and falsify.
audit, field auditcheck the books, verify accounts.
falsify an account, garble an account, cook an account, cook the books, doctor an account.


monetary etc. 800accountable, accounting.

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