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1 reclamation

The conversion of wasteland into land suitable for use of habitation or cultivation.

synonyms: rehabilitation, renewal.

Roget 741: command, order, ordinance, act, fiat, hukm, bidding, dictum, hest, behest, call, beck, nod.    despatch, ... show more

Roget 952: atonement, reparation; compromise, composition; compensation etc. 30; quittance, quits; expiation, redemption, reclamation, conciliation, propitiation; ... show more

Roget 660: restoration, restoral; reinstatement, replacement, rehabilitation, reestablishment, reconstitution, reconstruction; reproduction etc. 163; renovation, renewal; ... show more

2 reclamation

Rescuing from error and returning to a rightful course:
— The reclamation of delinquent children.

synonym: reformation.

3 reclamation

The recovery of useful substances from waste products.

Polish: regeneracja

Moby thesaurus: about-face, amendment, amends, atonement, backing, backsliding, change of allegiance, change of heart, change of mind, compensation, composition, compromise, disenchantment, expiation, expiatory offering, flip-flop, improvement, indemnification, indemnity, lapse ... show more.

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