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1 salvation

theology The act of delivering from sin or saving from evil.

synonym: redemption.

Roget 672: deliverance, extrication, rescue; reprieve, reprieval; respite; liberation etc. 750; emancipation; redemption, salvation; riddance; ... show more

Roget 976: Deity, Divinity; Godhead, Godship; Omnipotence, Providence; Heaven (metonymically). [Quality of being divine] divineness, divinity.    God, Lord, Jehovah, ... show more

Roget 670: preservation; safe-keeping; conservation etc. (storage) 636; maintenance, support, susteritation, conservatism; vis conservatrix; salvation etc. (deliverance) ... show more

Roget 987: piety, religion, theism, faith; religiousness, holiness etc. adj.; saintship; religionism; sanctimony etc. (assumed piety) 988; ... show more

Dutch: afkoping, behoud, behoudenis, heil, heiliging, redding, reiniging, verlossing, vrijkoping, zaligmaking
Polish: odkupienie, zbawienie

2 salvation

A means of preserving from harm or unpleasantness.

3 salvation

The state of being saved or preserved from harm.

Dutch: verlossing

4 salvation

Saving someone or something from harm or from an unpleasant situation.

Polish: salwowanie

Moby thesaurus: adoption, circumcision, conservancy, conservation, conservationism, conversion, deliverance, delivery, environmental conservation, extrication, forest conservation, forest management, freeing, keeping, liberation, lifesaving, maintenance, new birth, new life, preserval ... show more.

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