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1 bargain

An agreement between parties (usually arrived at after discussion) fixing obligations of each:
— He made a bargain with the devil.

synonym: deal.

Roget 813: discount, abatement, concession, reduction, depreciation, allowance; qualification, set-off, drawback, poundage, agio, percentage; rebate, rebatement; ... show more

Roget 815: cheapness, low price; depreciation; bargain; good penny worth &c.; snap [U.S.].    [Absence of charge] gratuity; free quarters, free seats, free admission, pass, free pass, ... show more

Roget 769: compact, contract, agreement, bargain; affidation; pact, paction; bond, covenant, indenture; bundobast, deal.    stipulation, settlement, ... show more

Roget 794: barter, exchange, scorse, truck system; interchange etc. 148.    a Roland for an Oliver; quid pro quo; commutation, composition; Indian gift [U.S.].    trade, commerce, ... show more

2 bargain

An advantageous purchase:
— She got a bargain at the auction.

synonyms: buy, steal.

Dutch: aanbieding, gelegenheidsaanbieding, gelegenheidskoopje, gunstkoopje, koopje, meenemer, meenemertje
Polish: okazja


1 bargain

Negotiate the terms of an exchange:
— We bargained for a beautiful rug in the bazaar.

synonym: dicker.

Roget 794: barter, exchange, swap, swop, truck, scorse; interchange etc. 148; commutate etc. (substitute) 147; compound for.    ... show more

Roget 769: contract, covenant, agree for; engage etc. (promise) 768.    treat, negotiate, stipulate, make terms; bargain etc. (barter) ... show more

Roget 724: mediate, mediatize; intercede, interpose, interfere, intervene; step in, negotiate; meet halfway; arbitrate; magnas componere lites [Lat.].    bargain etc. ... show more

2 bargain

Come to terms; arrive at an agreement.

Moby thesaurus: abatement of differences, accommodation, accord, act between, adjustment, advantageous purchase, advise with, agree, agree to, agreement, allow for, anticipate, arbitrate, arrange, arrangement, bargain for, barter, beat down, bid, bid for ... show more.

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